Saturday, May 2, 2009

Of Female Pirates and Swine Flu

Someone once told me in high-school that with my luck, if a very small meteor was going to fall out of the sky and hit someone, it would be me. Later that week I was hit in the head by a cocoanut while walking under a palm tree. It's the sort of luck that makes really really random things happen to me (and often injure me) but as of yet *knocks on everything wooden around her* I've lived to tell the tale.

So now that you understand just a tad bit of the sort of things I contend with on a daily basis I can continue with my update. Yesterday I walked outside with Ruff and a gust of wind appeared and suddenly I had a sharp pain in my right eye. This continued and suddenly my vision got blurry and yeap- excruciating pain followed. More than a few moments and nauseous waves later, I had tried everything to get the offending longish red hair out of my eye, no dice and more pain. Some vague story of a girl getting a hair stuck behind her eye which eventually caused some sort of an infection and later death or perhaps just the loss of the eye, I couldn't remember which, ran on overdrive through my mind every few seconds.

Paul offered to take me to the hospital, and at first I felt the idea was a bit overkill. Then I realized that I'm the girl whom a cocoanut fell on and decided that it would most likely be the best plan of action. A few hours later we were called out of the very busy waiting room (Pay attention to that last bit, it's important later) and into one of the exam rooms where the doctor numbed my eye with drops-

"These will numb your eyes, and I'm warning you it will sting."
I replied with, "Ow," as they hit my eye but
"OHSWEETMOTHERMARYTHATHURTSSOBAD" along with a few well chosen expletives seemed more appropriate.

I think it was most likely the longest hair on my head that decided to relocate on my retina.

A long story short I now have antibiotic eyedrops for my scratched eye and an eyepatch (which I actually think is cool as hell but I suppose that's the kid in me*). This morning when I called my mom to tell her about the whole fiasco she informed me that a local high school had been shut down due to several cases of swine flu. Now the busy waiting room filled with highschool aged students suddenly made sense

.....oh crap.

*No Ryan, my enjoyment of the eye-patch does not mean that Pirates are indeed better, it just means that Ninjas are so amazing that they don't actually need both their eyes to kill someone.

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  1. There's a kid in my parents neighborhood who has the same kind of luck. If something bad can happen to him, it probably will, and the worst part about it, he knows it. He was playing at my parents house with my brother and my dad; they had one of those two foot styrofoam airplanes. It eventually got tossed onto the roof, and as my dad climbed the ladder to get it down, this kid got got fairly upset. "Don't throw it down, you're going to hit me in the head!" He exclaimed, which my dad promptly ignored because it was such a long shot.

    My dad threw the plane off the roof. It proceeded to hit the poor kid in the head.

    Anyway, there's no point for this comment. I did it for the lolz. Don't die from the swine flu, thx. Also, post pictures of pirate Brenna.